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Redistillers and Circulators

Below we present chosen devices from our range of products:

Bituminous Redistiller

Bituminous redistillers are assigned to recover CCI4 solvent from polluted bituminous mixture. Fast distillation of 12 litres per hour, innovative solutions and almost service-less use distinguish our product from similar devices offered on our market. The device informs about the proper amount of the mixture to be distilled, the end of distillation process along with its automatic turning off and filling the receiver chamber connected with turning off the distillation until the chamber is emptied. All elements made from stainless steel ensure long term use of the device without causing pollution with, e.g. oxides.

Circulator Unit

Circular cooling units are designed to cool liquids in autonomous laboratory devices to the lower temperature than level of the ambient temperature. The use of the offered device is an alternative for less efficient water supply network based water cooling system, also allowing reduction of costs coming from use of clean water. The efficiency of circular pump is 21 liters per minute. Such devices are able to getting even lower the liquid temperatures in devices in comparison to water cooling. They are offered in versions with and without heating up to the temperature of 60 degrees.

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