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Sterile suspensions containers

Sterile containers for suspensions, emulsions and liniments. Ideal for use in the pharmaceutical industry and laboratory work. Also a convenient method for the distribution of finished products among patients:

  • sterilized with ethylene oxide,
  • immediately ready for use,dedicated for suspensions, emulsions or liniments,
  • paper-poly bag,
  • disposable,
  • produced on the basis of the norm ISO 15378:2012, including Good Manufacturing Practice and the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia,
  • provided with the pull off cap that protects against opening,
  • convenient way to give ready-made drugs to patients,
  • wide sprue.
100 ml
200 ml
250 ml








Sterile powder containers are available in the following capacities:

Name ø Neck Size
suspension container 36 mm 100 ml
suspension container 60 mm 200 ml
suspension container 60 mm 250 ml
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