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Sterile ointment syringe

Tube-syringes are used as disposable, single-use package for different types of ointments or technical, chemical substances. Their construction and quality guarantee perfect tightness both of the internal flank of the barrel and plunger and also on the edge of the fitting, during the storage and transportation. They are delivered in three elements, ready for assembling.

  • sterilized with ethylene oxide,
  • immediately ready for use,
  • paper-poly bag,
  • disposable,
  • produced on the basis of the norm ISO 15378:2012, including Good Manufacturing Practice and the standards of the European Pharmacopoeia,
  • they ensure suitable medicine quality, stability and safety of use,
  • another name: applicator syringe.
Name Size
ointment syringe 5g
ointment syringe 10g



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