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Farma Went 2 – compact HEPA filter

Farma Went 2 device is purposed to provide purified air in spaces where air of high purity class is required e.g. laboratories or pharmacies. In case of small pharmacies or laboratories, Farma Went 2 may substitute complex ventilation systems.

Operation principle of Farma Went 2 includes air intake from the spaces adjoining to the lab and supply of purified air into clean laboratory spaces. The air is filtered with a pre-filter G4 and main filter (HEPA) H13 offering 99.997% efficiency. Quality of the air supplied to lab spaces corresponds to B Class according to GMP (ISO Class 5). Moreover, air supply results in slightly positive pressure in the lab in relation to pressure at surrounding spaces, what provides protection against infiltration of not purified air inside the laboratory.


  • double-rate air purifying with G4 Polyamide pre-filter and HEPA H13 main filter (filter efficiency: 99.997%),
  • quiet fan with air flow smooth regulation,
  • easy assembly and operation,
  • efficient output: up to 350m³ of treated air per hour.
Control panel Noise level External dimensions Weight
Farma Went 2 analog 50 dB or less 395 x 395 x 335 mm 18 kg
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