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Farma Fil – vertical laminar flow cabinet

Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinets Farma Fil 3 can guarantee a totally sterile working environment. They provide product protection in pharmacies and all laboratories. All cabinets are fitted with a G4 intake filter and an H14 large capacity main H14 HEPA filter offering 99.999% efficiency. The cabinets have been designed to give years of uninterrupted service and are built from the best materials available. The device can display menus and dialog text in four European languages. Farma Fil 3 is extremely cost effective and very easy to install.

Two-stage air purification:

  • pre-filter of polyamide fibers the G4,
  • H14 absolute HEPA filter (efficiency of 99,999%),


  • purified air meets the requirements for the class of pure A according to GMP, Class 5 according to ISO 14644-1:1999, Class 100 according to the American Federal Standard 209E,
  • vertical air flow,
  • quiet fan with the smooth regulation of air,
  • built-in socket,
  • lighting in the work area (LED),
  • easy maintenance, easy installation without tools,
  • easy to maintain purely.

Digital control panel, microprocessor control:

  • intuitive keypad with LCD display,
  • ability to remember the settings and performance of the individual: Auto-Start, Ventilation, Lighting, Sounds,
  • posiibility configure with „non touch” mode,
  • time counter.


  • bactericides UV lamp in the chamber works with the programmer and the time counter,
  • temperature and humidity sensor,
  • additional work table made of acid resistant stainless steel.

Type External dimensions (width x depth x height) Dimensions working space (width x depth x height) Weight
Farma Fil 3 Basic  

703 x 440 x 1050mm


675 x 400 x 600mm



Farma Fil 3 UV with UV lamp
Farma Fil 3 GLP with UV lamp, sensor temperature and humidity
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